South Shores Community Association in San Pedro, CA exists to enhance the daily lives of our community members by fostering a sense of “pride in belonging” to a community that cares about one another and seeks to nurture our spirit of neighborliness. With this purpose in mind, we feel it is important to make sure that the residents are aware of CA State legislative actions that are happening which may effect your community.

The information presented here is for informational purpose only. SSCA is a politically neutral entity and does not take a position either for or against any item posted below.


Proposition 19

Explaining the confusing Proposition 19 to Californians by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

SB10 artist rendering

United Neighbors update

For all our concerned members; the detailed report below is status of SB-9, SB-10 meeting that took place Saturday 9/25. We are still in the…

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