Coyote Management Plan Requested by City Councilcoyote

The City has instructed the Department of Animal Services to create a detailed Coyote Management Plan and recommendations for improvements to control the coyote population in the City’s residential neighborhoods. Part of this program will be a public outreach campaign to prevent and discourage people from feeding coyotes and reducing the ways the City feeds coyotes by ensuring parks wildlife-proof trash cans. Addressing the coyote issue requires cooperation from both the City and residents.

Feeding coyotes reduces their fear of humans and makes them more bold in pursuing human food sources. However, coyote attacks are very rare and coyotes have only killed one person in the last 30 years in the US whereas bees kill 58 people a year, dogs kill 28 people a year and alligators kill one person every year. Remember, a fed coyote is a dead coyote.