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The SSCA has been in existence for over 55-yrs serving the South Shores area.

The SSCA is an all volunteer organization run by local residents. With over 400 local members, It is one of largest and most respected neighborhood associations in the area.

The SSCA mission has been simple:


Promote safety in the home and outside the home via: 

Keeping Neighborhood Safe
    1. Close association with CyberWatch. Cyberwatch is a local volunteer run communication network focused on neighborhood awareness to report bad actors.
    2. Constant contact with both LAPD, LASD, LAFD
    3. Close contact with State, County & City Political leaders.
    4. Striving to achieve meaningful & friendly neighborhood through the newly established “meet & greet”.  
    5. Health & Safety Videos presented on our website & seminars that deal with topics such as dispute resolution & emergency preparedness.
    6. Host 2 community meetings per year at the Elk Lodge located in Upper South Shores where local leaders have an opportunity to meet with their constituents.
    7. Keeping residents informed of local events via the SSCA website and email communications.
      National Night Out


    • Helped bring safety & civility to our beautiful Royal Palms Beach.

    • Thru our association with CyberWatch, have helped make South Shores the safest place to live in San Pedro.

Using tight neighbor-to-neighbor communication & contact, several interlopers were apprehended and thereby preventing any further hostile activity.

    • Established multiple neighborhood outreach groups from member initiative:

      annual meeting 2023
      Member Meetings at Elks Lodge
      1. Welcome Wagon: method by which we connect & personally welcome new residents.
      2. Sociables, a group of single seniors socializing on a regular basis
      3. Sidewalk Brigade, several neighbors get together to maintain and the beauty of South Shores eye appeal
      4. Holiday Lights award, an annual neighborhood event 


    • Recent neighborhood improvements achieved by working with local leaders:

        1. Repaving the ally area behind 37th Street
          Ally Repair – 2024
        2. Street repair, new curb painting & new stop sign on Anchovy & Cumbre to help reduce street racing and to help prevent loitering.
        3. Helped facilitate brush cleaning along Western & Paseo Del Mar above Royal Palms beach.


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