1602 – Sebastian Vizcaino named the community San Pedro in honor of St. Peter. San Pedro is the second oldest named town in California – just ten days after San Diego was named. Except from: Harbor Heritage, written by Oliver Vickery, Morgan Press. Copyright 1979

1769 – European settlements begin. Previously the peninsula was the homeland of the Tongva-Gabrieleño Native American people.

1909 – San Pedro consolidated with Los Angeles.

1925 – The completion of Western Avenue to San Pedro.

1942Construction of the “big guns” at Fort MacArthur.

1955 – Below is a 1955 archival promotional flyer from Marlow & Co. announcing the upcoming construction of the South Shores development we now proudly call home.  The original was provided to us by Mike Young, one of our first South Shores residents. 

1955 south shores brochure - page 1
1955 south shores brochure - page 2

1979 – South Shores Elementary School was established as a Visual and Performing Arts Magnet.

2017 – San Pedro was declared 2017 Neighborhood of the Year by Curbed Los Angeles.