Assembly District borders as of 12/10/2021

The following is a message from South Shores community member Shannon Ross:

In the last minute San Pedro has been chopped up into two, possibly three, separate assembly districts. Now they have also split up San Pedro in our congressional district. Its important the redistricting commission hears from the San Pedro community. Our community will receive the best representation if San Pedro remains whole in one assembly and congressional district.

How can you help you ask?

Please sign and share this petition that will be sent to the redistricting commission. They need to hear from our community!

You can also email the commission directly by filling out this online form (link now expired) that goes directly to the commission. When emailing please include any title you may have like business owner, board member, union member, neighborhood council board member (no political seats please). The request is simple, San Pedro wants to stay in together in one district instead of being separated into two or three congressional and assembly districts. We would like the commission to revert back to the 11-10-2021 draft maps previously approved that kept the San Pedro community whole in both districts.

This is the Assembly map part of Pedro was added to: AD_ADSTHBAY_ITERATION
This is the Congressional map part of Pedro was added to: CD_SHORELINE_ITERATION

Please help spread the word, we need our community to show up in numbers to ensure we are in one Assembly District and one Congressional District, so our community receives the representation we deserve!

Thank you,
Shannon Ross
San Pedro Community Member