For all our concerned members; the detailed report below is status of SB-9, SB-10 meeting that took place Saturday 9/25.

We are still in the fight to protect our property rights.


Hi All,

Thank you for attending our Saturday meeting. We will be adding our Saturday video to our website hopefully today. As you could see by the presentation from some of our members, the threat to our single-family neighborhoods is not just from the State but from local governments as well.  The YIMBY movement is impacting our local elections and we need to keep each other aware of what is going on statewide.  My thanks go to Geoff Hueter and Lisa Sinclair from San Diego, Maggie Coulter and Jennifer Holden from Sacramento and Jeannine Wisnosky from Culver City for their presentations.

Also many thanks to Bill Brand and John Heath for their presentation on the Initiative and to Susie Shannon for her explanation of the AIDS Health lawsuit against SB 10. There were many questions about the process for both the Initiative and the lawsuit and we hope to have those answers for you before too long.  We are forming a legal committee to study legal issues as we move forward so if any of you are lawyers or land use specialists please let me know.  We can use your help.

We feel it is important to move forward with a multi pronged strategy.  We will give support to the Initiative and to the lawsuit but we must also focus on the State bills and our local jurisdictions.  I think we can all do this without losing strength and focus.


RE: Initiative. We will collect signatures for the Initiative as soon as we get the go ahead.  You will all get information from Bill and John and we will also keep you informed.

RE: the lawsuit.  As we get more info on who can join the suit and when and how we can help, that info will be sent to you.

RE:  the State:  We are currently preparing a report listing our concerns on the institutional buyers that SB 9 encourages.  We are listing the provisions we feel must be changed to limit our exposure.  Residency, infrastructure and CEQA are three provisions we address for possible revision.  If any of you have any other ideas that could help limit the impact of this bill please let me know asap. We will be working with our Senator.

RE: local issues:  We will be sending out some guidelines to help you get involved from one of our members that was in the Planning Dept. Also any of you needing help to put together your own Vision ideas for your City reach out to us if you need help. We have people with expertise in that area.

We need to keep adding more groups to our coalition so we can continue to make a difference.  If you would like to help me ( two of you have already reached out) please contact me.

Finally, lots of realtors have joined us recently.  You can make a big difference getting the word out with your big data base.  I look forward to working with you.  

That’s it for now.  Thank you all.

Maria, Cindy, Jeff, John