Purpose – In keeping with my commitment to keep our membership informed I present the following monthly input.

Thank You – A thank you to Ms. Mary Ford (coordinator) and Ms. Kathy Ganter (presenter), both of Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and Little Sisters of the Poor for providing the venue for our first in a series of Health & Wellness symposiums.

Not to be forgotten is the phenomenal assistance provided by the volunteers from the House of Hope in passing out over 1,100 announcement invitation flyers and hosting activities at the event.

The precision, direction and milestone neighborhood function were the result of unending effort, coordination and direction of Ed Storti.  Ed, you performed a truly altruistic event for our Community.

New News – As a way to enhance turnout, it has been suggested that the SSCA annual meeting be scheduled in February or March, rather than January.

The second in a series of Health & Wellness symposiums will be held Saturday June 23rd at Little Sisters of the Poor; topic Hypertension.  A topic for ALL age groups!

Welcome Wagon –  The “kick-off” is scheduled to get under way within the next 30-days.  Welcoming new residents who have found South Shores as their new town.

No News – Although there is no specific update regarding the Sheriff’s deputy dropping off a homeless person in South Shores, Councilman Buscaino’s Motion regarding this incident will be heard in Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 8:30AM.

Disappointment – Considering the amount of promotional effort on the SSCA website, Cyberwatch, and Mail Chimp, turnout for the Health & Wellness “fall prevention” was attended by few, but the enthusiasm and interaction of those in attendance more than compensated for the light turnout.

As of this date, there has been no response from the Postal System regarding the poor delivery service of the Viewpoint.

Membership renewals are trickling in at a slower pace than in previous years.  A strong membership drive is scheduled for the next 60-days. Pareto is not dead; 80% of the work is still being done by 20% of the people.  The call for volunteers is still in the air. Many tasks still require assistance and HELP!

Tasks Requiring Volunteers

  • Membership Drive Ideas “thinking outside the box”
  • Welcome Wagon (covered)
  • Neighbor Assist
  • Lending assistance for the Health-Wellness Towne Hall

Good News – Your SSCA is continuing to implement new ideas infused with youth and vitality.

Respectfully, Rich F. Scandaliato, President SSCA