Message from United Nieghbors - October 2023

Hi Everyone,

This morning we  sent a letter to the mayor from United Neighbors.  We did not use group logos.  We felt if we needed a follow up letter, we would include our logos then. The letter stated our concerns with the Planning Departments attempt at ending single-family neighborhoods and the lack of transparency in the process.  We asked for her support for our single and multi family neighborhoods.  Now she needs to hear from all of us.

You will be receiving in the next few minutes our email – Call To Action.  After a year and a half of working with many of you to create maps that showed where we could add more housing in each of our neighborhoods, after group meetings with your councilmember and our own meetings with the mayor’s office we felt the next step had to be a mail writing campaign sent to our electeds.

How many emails the mayor receives matters in our fight for our neighborhoods.

The next email will contain links to generate emails to the mayor and council members. Please participate by sending your own and passing the email along to your contacts so we can get as many letters to her as possible! 

Thank you all.  Let’s do this

Maria, Cindy, Jeff and Marc

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