Below is an update from United Neighbors regarding SB-9 and SB-10.

Hi All!

I want to let everyone know that the town hall we had on Saturday had 1100 attendees!  Everyone on the zoom was told to take action—–talk or write their assemblymember and the governor now.  I am including below the one hour clip of the town hall and a clip of each of the speakers so that you can use whatever you need to keep informing your contacts. Thanks to Rick Hall for making these available. One hour version (without Q&A):


Cindy Montanez Says Don’t Let SB 9 and SB 10 Destroy our Communities at a Statewide Town Hall on Aug 7, 2021 (5 Min) 

Cindy Montanez Speaks to Putting Pressure on the Legislators at a Statewide Town Hall on Aug 7, 2021. (3.5 Min)

Action Tool Kit Presentation at the Statewide Town Hall 8 7 21 (15 Min)

United Neighbors Presentation at the Statewide Town Hall 8 7 21 (13 Min)

It has been a long road since we started back in January getting everyone informed on the bills, getting letters submitted to the portal, calling in to the hearings, setting up town halls with our own representatives and now  trying to motivate our own members.  Thanks to all of you, we have become a group people know about and respected because we are trying to find solutions.  We appreciate all of your comments, suggestions, insights, and leadership.

Many thanks to those of you that submitted edits for our letter to the Governor.  We have lots of people in our group that had to be their high school English teacher’s favorite.  You found all kinds of edits I needed to do.  Thank you! The letter went out last week with our Vision study.

We will not have our Saturday monthly meeting this Saturday.  We have all been attending so many zoom calls and right now we need to spend our time pushing our message to as many people as we can. I was told that 100 letters or calls to one representative is impactful. We can do this.

In September, we will have an important guest speaker so stay tuned. 

Thank you all for your friendship, your knowledge, your courage and commitment.  Let’s stay United and neighborly and keep the message circulating.  I am also enclosing a recent article from a great friend and advocate. 


Maria, Cindy, Jeff and John