To All South Shore Community Association members and neighbors:

Below is an update for a game plan going forward in our fight to keep control of our own property and destiny. We MUST stay united, strong, unwavering and dedicated to this cause.

The commentary below is from our friends and allies at United Neighbors.


Richard F. Scandaliato

HI All,

Those of you that live in the LA area have probably noticed that the LA Times that advocated for SB 9 & SB 10 has said nothing about these bills passing!  Perhaps they are worrying about the recall?  

Get the word out:   if the Governor signs these bills we no longer have single-family neighborhoods.  I have enclosed the link to the Housing Is A Human Rights ad and I have enclosed the email blast that we send out to our neighborhood groups.  If you want to use my image or alter it to suit your needs please do so.  If you have your own image that’s great too.  We have to spread the word.  As developers gain more control over our neighborhoods,  we lose control.

Holding our legislators accountable:  We must continue to report the voting records of our legislators.  They have for too long relied on our being too busy to care about legislation or too busy to spread the word.  As United Neighbors I think this is one of our most important roles- informing our members, uniting our membership,  otherwise we will change nothing.  It is troubling to see how many of our legislators stood back away from the bills (NVR) unwilling to stand up against them.   Even when they knew there were better alternatives, they chose to not advocate for better solutions. Either we failed to inform them of our concerns or they failed to understand the effects of the legislation on the people they represent and who voted for them.  

The Governor: The Governor needs to understand the consequences of his actions just as much as our legislators.

The Initiative:  We will discuss and see how we can help on this effort. We again must decide together and then come out as a united front.  I will schedule Mayor Brand to speak with us so your questions, concerns, etc will be answered.  Our own John Heath will be helpful in informing us.

I will send out a date for our monthly working meeting in the next few days.

Best to all,