The Starbucks proposal on PCH in Harbor City and given an OK by the Planning Department Zoning Administrator, and first heard in January.  The Harbor City Neighborhood Council supports the project.  
However, Councilman Tim McOsker is appealing this decision in part as it includes a 24-hour drive by use on that site. From here, the appeal now goes before the Harbor Area Planning Commission on Tuesday, May 7 at the San Pedro Public Library.  He is okay with the project except the 24-hour provision.  He asks that these hours be set at 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Given the length of time being experienced on the 25th and Western Starbucks Proposal, there most likely will be an appeal of this project given who is supporting or opposing it.  The Councilmen opposes it based on a petition by some residents sent to him. But the San Pedro Chamber and Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council support it.
A review of the 20 pages shown in this posting indicates how the proposal will be evaluated by the Zoning Administrator.