There was no “Presidents Corner” for September, so this a combo corner.  Thank you all for turning out and making the “Members Only” a tremendous success.  We had over 220 participant members, a star-studded guest list, delicious food, a venue that could not be beat this side of heaven, and music to satisfy the soul. 

My gratitude goes out to all who helped plan and administer the “MEMBERS ONLY RECEPTION” Richard Welsh, Gordon Thomas, David & Rose Zatz, John & Annette Lang, Jim & Terry Poste, David Billings & Panida Terri Peirce, Bob Genest Markus Carlton with entertaining music and of course my wife whose patience, support and inspiration has been unwavering.   

Guest speakers included, State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, LA Supervisor Janice Hahn, Councilman Tim McOsker, South Shores favorite Police Officer SLO Melody Shortle and Bob Genest of CyberWatch.  It was emphasized by all, that the many accomplishments, improvements completed and more to come, were done through a cooperative alliance between state, county and city.  What we in South Shores are witnessing is an unprecedented number of issues that have been completed; several of which can be categorized as “miracles”, i.e., repair to alley ways on 37th street and cleanup of Western Ave.  Hang tight there’s more to come.

A BIG SHOUT OUT, goes to Shannon Ross, who has help forge a stronger alliance with non-members regarding the 25th street issue and who reached out to the SSCA to invite Assemblymen Al Muratsuchi to attend our reception.  

Remember also, that although the Annual Members Only is primarily a Sociable event; the upcoming South Shores Annual Members Meeting with expensive Q & A, scheduled for March, 19 of 2024 is TOTALLY business.    

In addition to the above, it was the first opportunity to introduce to the entire South Shores Community Brian Ward.  Brian and his wife Dawn, have introduced the National Neighborhood Meet & Greet event to South Shores the last two years, and is planning several family-oriented events this coming year.  The first of which will be the Holiday Decoration Award Ceremony Coco in the Cul-deSac this coming tentatively December 22nd.  Stay tuned for confirmed date, time and address. 

Additional activities continue to proceed successfully unabated.  The Socialbles under the leadership of Anita Mannila, Welcome Wagon administered by Ed & JoAnne Storti, Sidewalk Brigade lead by Gordon Thomas.  Let these be a constant reminder that your ideas can become reality in making South Shores a better place to live.       

Membership for 2023 has reached a high of 480 members.  It is hoped that with the influx of new neighbors, family-oriented activities and more participation in areas that effect South Shores directly or indirectly; examples include, Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council, such as “…Housing Element’s proposed rezoning of residential neighborhoods…” a long-documented issue of United Neighbors (please see website), Proposed 25th Street & Western Ave., Starbucks drive through, as demonstrated by our tenacious effort at Royal Palms.    

An interesting revelation of the Starbucks issue, has been that most of the resident’s lack of knowledge has come from those who are Not SSCA members, don’t visit or read the website and the SSCA not headlining such issues.  The developer actually appeared at the Annual Business meeting; March of 2023, clearly outlining his plan.  In order to help rectify the lack of membership, it is asked of each member to recruit one non-member to the SSCA.  In addition, the SSCA is modifying our website to clearly and emphatically headline such issues under the banner “NEIGHBORHOOD ALERT” appearing on the opening page of our website with intentions to also be sent via mail chimp.

A BIG SHOUT OUT, goes to Shannon Ross, who has help forge a stronger alliance with non-members regarding the 25th street issue and who reached out to the SSCA to invite Assemblymen Al Muratsuchi attend our reception.  

Please keep Lori Terzolli in your prayers now undergoing cancer treatment, our brothers and sisters in the middle east whose human suffering goes beyond comprehension, and of course ALL United States servicemen & women to stay out of “harm’s way”.     

Membership donation remains at $20.00 for the year.  The SSCA year begins January 01, and goes on to December 31 of that ensuing year.  New members are welcome to join, or renew throughout the year.  Although new members are welcomed throughout the year, DUES are requested by our March 19th Business Meeting.  

Please visit us on our website: for additional news of your neighborhood. 

Respectfully, Richard F. Scandaliato, President SSCA, 310-562-84444