Agenda 10.17.2023

1.      Call to order                                                                                   Richard F. Scandaliato

2.     Secretary Report                                                                      Jerry Gaines

3.     Treasurer’s Report                                                                 Richard for Lori Terzoli

A.     Financial Status $6,546.77

B.     Outstanding debt or bills <$126.57> reimburse

4.     Membership Committee                                                                    Gordon Thomas

A.     Membership Drive & campaign 2024 BEGINS NOW!!!

5.     CyberWatch Qtr. 3 REPORT                                                               Bob Genest

A.     Vacant Homes discussion (shall the SSCA facilitate action)

6.     Web Report                                                                                         Gordon Thomas

A.     Pay hourly +/- $72/mo.                                           Perry Okimoto

7.     Annual Reception 2024;                                                       Welsh/Scandaliato/Thomas

A.     Number tables, line up by table # at time of service

8.     Old/Open Business                                                  

A.     B of A property, I put forth several obstacles    

B.     Ed & JoAnn Storti continue “Welcome Wagon” 11, new qtr.III

9.     New Business            

A.     Ideas and suggestions for continued
neighborhood events             Brian Ward

i.     Results of survey

B.     Necessity for SSCA to have two
voluntary positions:                        Richard S.

i.     Representation at the monthly Neighborhood Council

ii.     Representation and involvement with United Neighbors

iii.     Should “sidewalk brigade” get involved with planting

C.     Gathering & collection of 2023 Reception photos, for Posting & ViewPoint

D.     Should the SSCA get involved in any “distressed properties”?

i.     Example-2525 W. 26ths street

E.     Holiday lights selection calendar sent (sent via email 10.12)

F.      The below dates are proposed for your review:

i.     November meeting scheduled for 11.21.  I will be out of town.

ii.     The 2024 Business meeting, Tuesday
03.19 at the Elks Lodge

iii.     2024 Members Only Reception, Sunday 09.15, or 22.

11.21.2023 @7:00 pm                       
Invited Guest: Erin K. Sato, Perry Okimoto