Please join Livable California Sat. Dec. 12, at 10 am with respected chair of the Assembly Education Committee, Patrick O’Donnell of Long Beach, whose views informed his votes against SB 1120 and SB 35. 

In 2019 and 2020, Assemblymember O’Donnell authored or had a role in 37 bills, including 15 education bills. He is respected for his thoughtful legislation. 

With Sacramento awash in misguided housing bills led by SB 1120, Mr. O’Donnell told Long Beach Press-Telegram“It is a local decision. Housing issues are difficult. But [SB 1120] was a gift to the developers, plain and simple. I think it was radically irresponsible.”

We expect a housing war in 2021 fueled by sleeper bills like SB 828 (Wiener 2018) and SB 35 (Wiener 2017):

  • The blundering SB 828 orders the state Housing and Community Development Dept. to double-count the housing needed in SoCal, the Bay Area, and to a degree, Sacramento.
  • Dozens of cities plan to sue over the gross error. But HCD insists that cities obey.
  • If cities refuse, then Wiener’s SB 35 forcibly “upzones” thousands of communities.

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In 4 years, Sacramento approved 64 housing bills. None increase the percentage of low-income housing. Let’s be heard!

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