P.O. Box 922, San Pedro, CA 90733


Agenda 10.01.2023

Thank you all for attending the Members Only Reception; the second of which, at this Beautiful Elks Lodge

  1. Call to order                                             Richard F. Scandaliato
    1. Introduction of Board Member:
      1. Dave Billings – Vice president            vi. John Lang    
      2. Jerry Gaines – Secretary                     vii. August Caimi
      3. Lori Terzolli – Treasurer                    viii. Terri Pearce
      4. Gordon Thomas – Membership              
      5. Richard Welsh – Social Chair
    2. Associates:
      1. Anita Manilla Sociables
      2. Perry Okimoto Webmaster
      3. Bob Genest CyberWatch
      4. Ed & JoAnn Storti Welcome Wagon       

C. Welcome Guest speakers:

      1. Assemblyman Al Martuchi
      2. Councilman Tim McOsker
      3. SLO Melody Shortle LAPD
      4. Brian Ward, Neighborhood Advocate
      5. Bob Genest, CyberWatch
  1. Before we begin today’s event, a couple of NOTES:
    1. SSCA year begins 01.01.24 – 12.31.24. Members will receive an invoice for 2024 membership
    2. Today, is primarily a SOCIAL event
    3. In addition, today is YOUR day
    4. Music is performed by Markus Carlton
    5. BIG thank you to Elks Lodge staff; Ericka Galletti & Oscar Zelaya
  1. PURPOSE of the SSCA:
    1. Continue to grow membership
    2. Advocacy for our neighbors and members
    3. Improve SAFETY of our neighborhood both inside & outside their homes
    4. Continue Partnership with both LAPD & LASD
    5. Continue our STRONG relationship with Cyberwatch
    6. NEW, Brian & Dawn Ward will speak more of this later. But 2024 will be focused on more family-oriented events for children and young adults.                                                                                    
    1. Continue to be a persistent VOICE of our membership
      1. Sidewalk repair
      2. Additional stop signs
      3. Royal Palm overwatch
      4. Neighborhood Clean up
      5. Recognize that a broader appeal to younger neighbors is a necessary part of growth & sustainability
      6. Alley repair on 37th Street (A TRUE MIRACLE)
      7. Conservation area clean up on Western and Paseo

NOTE – None of these could have been accomplished without our Councilman’s office listening to what matters!

    1. Richard Welsh Social Chair
    2. Gordon Thomas Membership
    3. Bob Genest CyberWatch
    4. Anita Manilla Sociables
    5. Brian & Dawn Ward MEET & GREET, SURVEY
    6. Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi Dist. 66
    7. Councilman Tim McOsker
    8. SLO Melody Shortle LAPD