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Presidents Corner 08.15.2023

From 2PM – 5PM Check in begins at 1:30PM

The August Board meeting was held for the first time at the Elks Club.  The South Shores Community and in particular your SSCA are blessed to have the Elks Club host future board meetings.

Membership Drive 2023 has plateaued at 458, 42 shy of the 2023 goal.  New neighbor recruitment has been extremely successful; hopefully, this will continue, with quarterly recruitment through our “Welcome Wagon” being driven by Ed and JoAnne Storti.

The recent and successful “National Neighborhood Meet and Greet” hosted by Dawn and Brian Ward has brought to light an added dimension to the SSCA.  Your Board recognizes that more focus and attention to family-oriented events are key to our growth and influence.  Therefore, following much discussion your Board agreed to explore future themed events in various sections of South Shores.

A study is under way to determine timing, location, logistics and resources to launch future community-based events.  This will be a key topic the Annual Reception.

Some Ideas & Suggestions

    1. Spring Cleaning “garage sale”
    2. 4th of July Patriotic Parade “ALL AGES”
    3. National Night Out
    4. Back to School Party
    5. Cocoa in the Cul-de-Sac
    6. Caroling
    7. Soft Ball Game Upper South Shores vs. Lower south Shores
  • The Web changeover has been a slow process, but should take form within the next two weeks.
  • Sociables continues to have successful and well attended events.
  • Sidewalk Brigade looking for someone to continue where Gordon Thomas has left off; as Gordon continues his new Web duties.  If you are interested, please contact Gordon or me
  • No new news regarding the Smart & Final and Bank of America property.
  • Royal Palms continues to be a peaceful place to spend time.  Both LAPD and LASD continue regular patrols.

This year’s Members Only Reception is scheduled for Sunday October, 1 at the Elks Club.  Look for your EVITE and more news, in weeks to come.

Membership donation remains at $20.00 for the year.  The SSCA year begins January 01, and goes on to December 31 of that ensuing year.  New members are welcome to join, or renew throughout the year.

Please visit us on our website: for additional news of your neighborhood.

Respectfully, Richard F. Scandaliato, President SSCA