In person Board meeting continues, enthusiasm, conversations, apposing dialogue, new ideas and plans for a growing SSCA abound.   

Membership Drive 2023 continues.  Activity has slowed down, but new neighbors, recruited via the “Welcome Wagon” add to our membership. We commend Ed and JoAnne Storti for their volunteer efforts and bringing the Welcome Wagon back to life; as of today, a 96% of new residents are joining the SSCA.  Your Board continues to request that current members, recruit new or former members on our way to 500 and beyond. 

The Web changeover is underway, in spite of not finding a regular replacement, many tasks are being piecemealed bye current board members on a voluntary basis.

Sociables membership is now at 21, the summer schedule of events is being hosted at the home of a participants. 

Sidewalk Brigade under the leadership of Gordon Thomas, is taking a break.  Gordon has been occupied with fulfilling the many requirements, obligations and necessities for Web maintenance.  However, it is hope that someone out there is willing to pick up the gauntlet and continue the fine work started by Gordon.  If you are interested, please contact Gordon or me      

Bob Genest, presented the second quarter CyberWatch data and results at our July meeting.  In addition to some statistical data, Bob enumerated some preventative suggestions for not being victimized. 

Home e burglaries have ticked up slightly, (3),   More people out of the house now that Covid is subsiding = More opportunities for burglars..  The majority of crimes are automobile related. These include stolen vehicles (2) and vehicle break-in thefts (7).  One crime that’s been underreported by victims: catalytic converter thefts, Assault with a deadly weapon (1).

Some Preventative Suggestions to Car Safety:

  1. Lock Your Car Doors Every time
  2. Park in Well Lighted Locations
  3. Beef up Security
  4. Don’t Leave Valuables in Sight or in Your Car
  5. Protect Your Car’s Catalytic Converter

A Community Meet & Greet is being planned by one of our neighbors Brian Ward. 

  1. All neighbors are WELCOME
  2. When: Tuesday, August 1st.
  3. Time: 6:30-8:30pm
  4. Where: 2501 Robalo Ave. Cul de Sac (Lower South Shores)
  5. Theme: Popsicle Party

Questions and comments regarding the Smart & Final and Bank of America property continue to pervade the neighborhood.  As of this writing, there has not been any conclusive and immediate resolution.      

Royal Palms continues to be a peaceful escape for surfers, bike riders and those who admire California Coast sunsets.     

 Councilman Tim McOsker and his capable team continue to make a positive impact in fulfilling many commitments.

  1. Alley repairs off of Paseo Del Mar & 37th street (complete)
  2. Sidewalk repair Palacious & Mantis (complete)
  3. Painting of RED curbside on corner of Mantis & Cumbre (complete)
  4. Stop sides installed, Anchovy & Cumbre (complete)

These Councilman’s office can be accessed via, Councilmember account @TimMcOskerLA on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube) to stay up to da  

This year’s Members Only Reception is scheduled for Sunday October, 1 at the Elks Club, more news and detail to come.    

As previously mentioned, the SSCA annual membership drive continues unimpeded toward our GOAL of 500.  Membership donation remains at $20.00 for the year.  The SSCA year begins January 01, and goes on to December 31 of that ensuing year.  New members are welcome to join, or renew throughout the year.       

Please visit us on our website: for additional news of your neighborhood. 

Respectfully, Richard F. Scandaliato, President SSCA