SSCA Persistance Pays Off -

Alley Restoration in Lower South Shores Completed

City crews rebuilding alley

After many years of wear and tear due to large trash trucks and other environmental forces, the alley between 37th Street and Paseo Del Mar, was restored to a brand new condition which should last many years to come. 

Local residents have been seeking a solution to the problem of the deteriating condition of the ally for many years.  The original design of the alley dates back to the days when trash cans were picked up manually. With the advent of the modern trash truck that are able to drive down the alley to pick up trash containers, the surface of the alley began to develope pot holes which componded over time as the road base deteriated. Crews removed the old asphalt, rebuilt the base and applied new surfacing. 

A huge thank you goes out to those local city leaders, our newley elected City Council person Mr. Tim McOsker, and our local neighbors who kept the effort going.