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Dear Members, New Members & Potential Members:

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR, let’s hope and pray 2023 “the year of the rabbit” brings good health, safety both in and out of the home, and prosperity to ALL.

Although I have solicited early membership as part of my “Presidents Message” the last two months, this is the first formal notification and solicitation for SSCA membership for 2023.

Last year 2022, saw the implementation and initiation of two sub-groups of the SSCA.
The Sidewalk Brigade; under the leadership of Gordon Thomas, whose primary goal is “clean up” sidewalks, green areas, trees and brush in South
Shores; as well as, collaborate with other groups in pursuit of improving the curb appeal in the South Shores neighborhood.
• The second group, The Sociables; under the leadership of Anita Mannila whose purpose is bringing widowed and single aged neighbors together for the purpose of “not being forgotten” and to participate in a sociable and friendly environment to play cards, book reading, light hiking/walking and other socially acceptable activities.

The present South Shores Community Association Officer’s; together with its present membership, look forward to a 2023 where your ideas can lend energy, growth, participation, enthusiasm and creativity for a better, stronger, more appealing South Shores Community Association.

Please fill out an online membership application for 2023 SSCA Membership. Please fill it out promptly and pay your $20.00 online or via check (membership is per household).

Richard F. Scandaliato
President SSCA