Hi folks,

This CyberWatch Alert is a departure from our usual crime reports for South Shores, but it does involve our safety, so I’ll share it. It demonstrates that coyotes, while nocturnal, can appear near our homes any time of day.  This surveillance video footage was taken last Sunday morning

Earlier this week, my visiting daughter alerted me to a coyote trotting past our home that faces Pelican Ave.  Seconds later, this coyote was followed by his hunting partner trailing behind. As my daughter and I exited our home to check things out, coyote #2 stopped, spotted us and changed direction heading up Palacios Drive. A few seconds later, Coyote #1, doubling back to look for his partner, peeked into our driveway.  Startled, he quickly turned around and resumed his course south on Pelican. He then stopped, climbed a hill and entered our backyard patio.

Just click and play:

SECOND VIDEO – 9:16 A.M.  
This second video, recorded less than a minute later, shows coyote #1 entering and crossing our backyard patio. We believe he was searching for one of several neighborhood cats who enjoy watching song birds at our feeders. A few months ago, our cameras recorded an adult coyote chasing a neighborhood cat across our patio.  Luckily, the cat jumped over our fence in time and escaped.

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Hopefully, this alert will remind us to carefully keep a watchful eye out for our tiny tots and furry friends.  Leaving them outdoors unattended poses real risks.

Thanks again to all CyberWatchers who helped keep South Shores safe in 2022.  Let’s do it again in 2023!