On Thursday, September 29, the fifth meeting was held regarding Royal Palms safety. Although some progress has been made, many residents feel “some” is insufficient. This meeting was NOT as well attended as those held earlier in the year.

Following back and forth dialogue, all participants agreed to various assignments prior to the next meeting; now scheduled for Thursday, October 27th.

  • Richard Scandaliato and Terry Katnic will prepare and distribute letters to residents of the bluff, containing law enforcement numbers to call when appropriate.
  • Erika Velazquez will verify that the Sheriffs have appropriate access keys.
  • Jayme Wilson will investigate the possibility of installation and use of additional cameras.
  • Ken Foreman and Frank Vargas committed to visiting Royal Palms in “off” hours.
  • LAPD SLO Melody Shortle will verify frequency and hours that patrols are taking place.
  • Melody Shortle will also check on the veracity that officers were allegedly ordered NOT to patrol Royal Palm due to it being a county facility, not LA City.

Previously said – “People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan” still rings true.

As enumerated previously at our first meeting April 4:

  1. Little or no law enforcement after designated closures hours
  2. Closure times inconsistent
  3. No enforcement of parking violations, event, or food truck permits
  4. No drug enforcement
  5. OVESIGHT does not exist

Given the current state of affairs, “CRIME AVOIDANCE” may NOT be part of normal policing, in spite of indicators that crimes are being or about to be committed. Law enforcement appears to be reticent to approach and confront potential evildoers.