Royal Palms Investigative Team:

A BIG thank you for making time to attend the meeting of 04.26.2022. As previously stated, “thank you” Erika Velazquez, Harbor Area Representative at L.A. County for arranging this second meeting. Especially your inviting Jacob Haik of Councilman Buscaino’s office and Captain James Powers of L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. (Lomita Station), and Captain Brent McGuyre (Harbor Division). Although Captain McGuyre was unable to attend, having the Harbor Division boss aware and involved is an important step in rectifying the Royal Palms situation.

Captain Powers of LASD, was extremely engaged and knowledgeable with everything he said. Questions, or statements made by myself or others received immediate answers with full explanations. Thank you, Captain Powers.

Unfortunately, other than Mr. Foreman’s meeting with MPI and replacing them with another suitor, very little has been accomplished.

One byproduct of the “Royal Palms gun incident” has been the perpetrator from LA who had been providing loud music in a Ryder van, has been absent in recent weeks. 


Recapping previous outline:


1-3. NO noticeable change

4. Mr. Foreman did meet with MPI, a decision to replace them in June has been made.

5. Although a video was sent to Mr. Foreman, apparently it was not received.  However, it was suggested that the video be sent to Mr. Frank Vargas.  Video was sent 04.27.2022. No word has been received by the sender.

6. No action.  The odor of marijuana pervades the entire beach area.

7-9. No incidents reported

10. The issue of “Public Nuisance” was discussed, and it is believed to be more of a “Disturbing the Peace”, no action taken.


  • 1. Some locks have been replaced at county beaches, no reports from present security team to replace at Royal Palms.
  • 2. and 3. No change
  • 4. Despite beach closure policy of 8:30 pm in summer, there are significant gatherings well beyond 9:30 – 10pm
  • 5. Viability of “tow truck” assistance, was discussed. Such a process comes with much baggage and liability issues that could cost taxpayers significant dollars.
  • 6. No evidence that an oversight process has been implemented.


  1. Erika did in fact reach out to Captain Powers of LASD. Captain Powers was present and has agreed to assist and help in whatever way resources allow.
  2. Ken Foreman to meet with MPI:
    1. thru F.  No definitive feedback was forthcoming, other than MPI being replaced. Mr. Foreman diverted several specific issues and responsibilities to Mr. Frank Vargas.
  3. Mr. Foreman did meet with LA County Beaches & Harbors Team.  A procedural change was implemented that such that monitoring of closures would begin at Royal Palms, not at the end of a route, in order to insure proper enforcement of closure times.
  4. SLO Melody Shortle has met with assigned officers to assure “random checks & law enforcement presence”.  Very specific times were presented to Officer Shortle, thereby assuring a broader police presence during hours of heightened acts of disobedience.


  1. Once again Erika will schedule a follow up meeting in approximately two weeks.  Erika is to have “side bar” conversations with Jacob Haik and Captain Powers prior to our next meeting, to discuss both policy, legal, manpower allocations and procedural issues that were alluded to at this meeting.


  1. Royal Palms hours of closures still not being adhered to.
  2. Police presence has been seen at 9:30 am, NOT 9:30 pm when many of these issues are being committed.
  3. One of the suggestions made, was the closing of Royal Palms on a consistent early basis. Mr. Foreman indicated that beach closure times cannot be changed without the consent of the California Coastal Commission. As a matter of fact, Mr. Foreman indicated that the Coastal Commission is lobbying for 24-hr access to all beaches in California

Again, thank you all for your attendance, concern, and willingness to investigate these issues. However, it would be far more meaningful and fruitful if this dialogue resulted in resolution.

As an additional FOOTNOTE, the residents of South Shores and San Pedro, will not rest until these issues are resolved, corrective and lasting remedies are put in place.


Richard F. Scandaliato, President SSCA

310-562-8444 cell