Royal Palms Investigative Team:

I want to thank Erika Velazquez for arranging the meeting [regarding the recent Royal Palms shooting]; as well as, all those who attended and contributed. I believe the meeting was both informative, and eye opening. There is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done, by many. I thought it necessary to document several of the things discussed and commitments made. 

Following introductions, Terry Katnic provided a stark history of the events that have occurred at Royal Palms. Many, if not all, are in direct opposition to “posted signage, stated beach protocol, MPI (agency assigned to collect fees and enforce beach safety), various Penal code violations”

I will proceed in a simplified and brief outline format:


  1. Little law enforcement presence at Royal Palms
  2. No enforcement of Royal Palms closure times
  3. No enforcement of parking violations
  4. MPI personnel not diligent and consistent in collecting monies from those entering the location
  5. Video evidence that MPI personnel are actually “partying” with violators
  6. No drug enforcement
  7. Often times “sky lanterns” are released, placing homes, and property at risk to fire hazards.
  8. Discharging of weapons
  9. Relatively unsafe for unaccompanied children, neighbors, residents
  10. A public nuisance has been created, in direct opposition to 2009 California Penal Code Section 3490-3496; Title 2, Public Nuisances Civil Code; 2020 Public Nuisance


  1. Locks broken
  2. On occasion, MPI allows individual vehicles to pass without collecting money
  3. Egress and regress uncontrolled
  4. In spite of Beach hour closures of 6:30 or 8:30 pm no enforcement
  5. All other public beaches close, with a viable tow truck on the ready
  6. No oversight; as to whether MPI personnel are doing their jobs.


  1. Erika to solicit assistance form Captain Powell, of LA County Sheriff’s Department to work in a collaborative effort with LAPD.
  2. Ken Foreman to meet with MPI:
    1. Discuss several of the allegations contained herein
    2. Review video of several infractions & violations
    3. Obtain large chains and commensurate locks to prevent breaking and destruction of same
    4. Put in place an “oversight” policy
    5. Determine what additional equipment, or repairs are required to properly enforce Royal Palms closures & safety
    6. Put in place a consistent closure policy that mirrors ALL other public beach policies.    
  3. Review with TEAM overall efficacy of procedures, policies, & enforcement
  4. SLO Melody Shortle to meet with assigned officers adherence to “random checks & presence” at Royal Palms


  1. Erika will schedule a follow up meeting tentatively 04.21.2022; pending availability & scheduling


  1. A new wrinkle:
    1. In what appears to be an apparent contradiction or reversal in present policy; yesterday 04.10.2022 the parking fee at Royal Palms is reduced after 4pm from $8.00 per vehicle prior to 4pm to $3.00 after 4pm.  Being the problems are consistently occurring in the evening hours, why create and add to a problem by reducing the parking fee? Will this only increase the issue and make corrective measures more difficult to enforce and mitigate? 

Again, I thank everyone for their attendance, concern, and willingness to investigate and put in place corrective and lasting remedies.

The above is a compilation of my notes, what I believe to have heard, commitments, and suggestions made at this video conference. I apologize for any errors or misinterpretations. Pease feel free to notify me of any conflicting inaccuracies.


Richard F. Scandaliato,  President SSCA

310-562-8444 cell