1. Call to order — Richard F. Scandaliato
  2. Secretary Report — Jerry Gaines
    Introduce new board member Terri Peirce
  3. Treasurer’s Report — Lori Terzoli
    A. Financial Status
    B. Outstanding debt or bills
    C. Budget 2023 (see attached status)
  4. Membership Committee — Gordon Thomas
    A. Membership Drive & campaign 2023 continues.
  5. Web Report — Jeniffer McMullen
  6. Annual Reception (10.01.2020) — Richard Welsh & Scandaliato
  7. Old/Open Business
    A. Sociables — Anita Manilla
    B. Sidewalk Brigade — Gordon Thomas
    C. Ad-Hoc meeting conducted; resolution implemented — Rich Scandaliato
  8. New Business
    A. Looking for replacement Web Master
    B. Successfully negotiated Elk’s Club waiving meeting fee — Rich Scandaliato
    C. Property Developer Erwin Busy, to meet with residents on 23rd. street. Time & date to be announced.
    D. There has been significant attention to Street Vendors in press recently
    E. Requested cost for selected individual SSCA email addresses; as opposed to using personal email address — Jeniffer McMullen
    F. Ed & JoAnn Storti have volunteered to renew the” Welcome Wagon”. Request a budget of $400 for approximately 50 new residents
    NEXT MEETING 05.16.2023; in person Home of Richard Scandaliato at 7:30 pm