LA Supervisor Janice Hahn and Councilman Buscaino:

“The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.” I believe this quote from Dante’s’ Inferno sums it up! Dante had many quotes that somehow, someway depict today’s society. My words may not be as eloquent, or survive time as Dante’s, but are just as meaningful.

By now all of South Shores, San Pedro, and most of Southern California have heard of the shooting that took place Saturday, March 26, 2022 at Royal Palms. For months the residents of South Shores; amongst others, have reported several incidents at Royal Palms. Recently, under the leadership of SLO Melody Shortel, patrol cars where dispersed to quiet the scene. One need only walk the area to know the “…danger was lurking, a powder keg ready to explode…”.

Saturday was the DAY– over 20 shots rang out into the air, endangering neighbors, residents, friends and relatives. This behavior cannot and should not go unnoticed, with a simple shrug of the shoulders, or a simple declaration that this occurrence is simply a “sign of the times”. Something MUST be done.

The Los Angeles Police Department, as are the LA Sheriffs, two of the best law enforcement departments in the Country. They MUST be allowed to do their jobs! Obviously, with this comes responsibility, ethical behavior, mutual respect, citizens’ rights, proper enforcement of search and seizure etc. However, the rights of criminals and criminal behavior cannot and MUST not come at the expense of law abiding citizens.


Supervisor Hahn, Councilman Buscaino, San Pedro is YOUR town as it is mine. I refuse to let our neighborhood slip into the hands of criminals. I’ve copied this email to many members of  South Shores Community Association, Law enforcement, Bob Genest the founder of CyberWatch, realtors; as well as others. None of us have the right answer, but perhaps together we could find one!

Supervisor Hahn, Councilman Buscaino; Together you are our LEADERS !!! Lead and we will follow. My recommendation is to have a neighborhood “Towne Hall Meeting’’ Listen, Plan, Act together overcome and pray we succeed. 


Richard F. Scandaliato, President SSCA

Neighbors, please reach out to let our representatives know your concerns.