A BIG “THANK YOU” for joining the SSCA.  Given all the distractions, personal interest and family obligations we are honored to have you as a 2023 member.

It is hoped that with your membership, you find time to participate in the various events, especially our Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, March 21, 7 pm at the Elks Club; as well as our annual Members Only Reception.

Please be a part of making South Shores a safer community, we look forward to your volunteerism and participation. Join us as we continue our efforts to improve services, environmental improvements; don’t be bashful, your ideas passion and spirit are welcome.

The Sociables, Sidewalk Brigade, and Holiday Decoration awards are the result of ideas put into ACTION!

Please visit our website often where you will find many new links, highlights, achieved accomplishments, historical photos; as well as some work in progress.

Thank you,

Richard F. Scandaliato, President SSCA

For those of you, who may not have not gotten around to it yet, visit our Become a Member page.