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Background of Secure America Protection Services

From Robert Fuster, the owner of Secure America Protection Services, who has been doing security work since 2006:

My first security job was at the Palos Verdes Mall (Avenue on the Peninsula shopping center) at 18 years of age after graduating from a local Palos Verdes High School in 2006. I have been doing security ever since. With 14 years experience when I hit 21 years of age, I started working patrol for ADT. I have done all sorts of security work, executive protection, etc.

Last year I decided it’s time to start my own company. After working as a Sergeant for 2 years than the past 3 years as a lieutenant for the same patrol company in downtown Los Angeles, I started my company late last year. My goal is to bring the professional private law enforcement mindset to the South Bay beach cities L.A. areas. As of now my company has 24 residential accounts and 3 commercial properties – 9 of which are in South Shores. Other accounts range from Rancho Palos Verdes, Santa Monica, Mar Vista, Venice Beach, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, L.A., and Palos Verdes Estates areas.

Our goal is to ensure the safety of your community and make your city a safer place to enjoy with your family’s. It is very important that my company has a very professional and official approach and appearance to the public. We use the most up-to-date electronics for reports, GPS, and radio communications. Also, all our units are 2013 and newer and are fully equipped with emergency lighting, etc. All of my officers, including myself, have all proper permits, guard card, firearm permit, non-lethal taser certification, CPR certificate, baton permit, tear gas permit, and power to arrest training. We all are fully armed and carry a body camera as well as body armor while on patrol.

Our approach to residential patrol is effective and our presence is undeniable. We perform vehicle patrols of the areas and send informational real time reports and photos to clients. While on patrol, we are looking for any dangers to the public, suspicious persons, crimes in progress, emergencies in progress, etc. We also offer alarm response, service calls, and vacation watches. For example, when you and your family are leaving town, you can call us and request foot patrols of your property checking doors, windows, etc. We even can put your mail in a designated place for you when you come home to gather. We are a private law enforcement organization here to help you. 

Owner: Robert Fuster
Security Company: Secure America Protection Services
Phone: 310-902-9692