Sorry I skipped the February and March “Presidents Corner” but with Viewpoint articles, recruitment letters, and Annual Meeting preparation, I basically ran out of time.

The Annual SSCA Meeting of 03/23/19:

Turnout was not as big as previous years, but somewhat understandable being several of our neighbors did not receive notices and the infrequency of a “mail chimp” may have been a contributing factor.  

However, those who did attend thought it was the “best ever”.  That would be my assessment as well.  Those who attended agreed that the Saturday date and time of the event are keepers for the future.  

Bob Genest’s CyberWatch presentation, as well as neighborhood concerns such as “squatters” and South Shores crime analytics was detailed, responsive, and to the point.  LAPD acting Senior Lead Officer Christina Moran was an admirable replacement for SLO Paul Winter who is on medical leave. Officer Moran was raised in South Shores and thereby has a significant stake in our neighborhood and its wellbeing.  SLO Moran, provided an uplift regarding the elderly women who was scammed recently with a hoax that the perpetrator faked a “hit and run” accident and consequently coerced $4,000 from the women. The good news, the bank retuned her money and perpetrators under surveillance.  The fact is; with the efforts of our neighbors, CyberWatch, and the LAPD, South Shores is the safest community in the South Bay. Thank you, Bob!

LA Supervisor Janice Hahn hit a home run.  The Supervisor spoke on issues of Mobile Stroke Unit, sponsoring a New County Department Focused on Serving Older Adults; as well as many topics of interest to the audience.  Every issue that was meaningful to South Shores specifically and LA County in general.  Personally, I am happy to have the Supervisor back home where differences can be made.

Councilman Buscaino was unable to attend, but Ryan Ferguson’ presentation was notable and covered many issues on behalf of the Councilman.  

The Health & Wellness Symposium held this past Saturday March 30, was a tremendous success.  The topic – Dealing with Depression – was held before an audience of over 70, again those who attended, gave a “thumbs-up” and provided both encouragement and enthusiasm for more events of this nature.

The 2019 Annual Reception will be held Sunday, May 19 at the home of Lisa Jimenez. The theme is catching on; volunteers are signing up for the Welcome Wagon efforts, thank you.


We should ALL take pride in that SSCA over the past two-years being able to solicit the aid and support of several different organizations into ONE FAMILY, ONE PURPOSE.  With the creativity of Ed Storti who has brought the resources of Torrance Memorial Hospital, Little Sisters of the Poor, and House of Hope; Bob Genest the LAPD, CyberWatch, Neighborhood Watch and Bob putting himself in the midst as conduit for accurate information to the benefit of South Shore residents.

Not to be forgotten are the efforts and contributions for the beautiful hardscape that John “Tym” & June Tymczyszm have provided for our visual enjoyment.  As a matter of fact, the “Spring Flowers” theme will be the backdrop for this years Annual Reception.  Looking forward to seeing and meeting our members on May, 19th.