Call to Order:  President Richard Scandaliato called the meeting (via ZOOM) to order at 7:30 p.m.

Board Members in Attendance: Dave Billings, Vern Hall, Joyce Hall, John Lang, Gordon Thomas, Jerry Gaines, Richard Scandaliato, August Caimi, and Lori Terzoli.  Absent:  Richard Welsh.  Guest:  Bob Genest

Secretary’s Report:   No changes to minutes. Prior minutes were approved.

Status of 501(C)4:  Dave Billings. Awaiting verification from Government agencies.

Treasurer’s Report:  Lori Terzoli reported $10,678.73 in checking account after closing the CD account. Waiting deposits are $672.

Membership Committee:  Vern Hall provided current membership which is at 326. Income realized to date is $4,236 (70% of goal for 2022).

Web Report:  June numbers are high and there is good use of the website forms. The thank you to members emails got a 75.3% open rate – very high.

Annual Reception:  Per Rich Scandaliato, the SSCA has a contract with the Elks Club for the venue next September.

CyberWatch:  Bob Genest reported that crime has been low in the area with only one break-in within six months.  Still have vehicle break-ins with lack of caution by some residents. Noted some summer reckless driving near the park and beach area.

Open Business:

  • Gordon Thomas spoke on the Sidewalk Brigade where new defined clean-up should be done within the local neighborhoods.  Weeds have been removed in the median strip of Western Ave.

New Business:

  1. SSCA efforts continue to pursue a safe and secure Royal Palms. Less issues noted and LASD is noted to patrol there along with LAPD
  2. Membership Outreach efforts include posting membership posters in key areas of the neighborhood. Promotion of the upcoming Summer Social event for members should be part of outreach activities.
  3. Safety Reflectors on Western Ave./Paseo del Mar curve were added by LADOT to repair and add safety to the barrier installed along the curve to alert drivers.
  4. It was agreed NOT to post LA County Supervisor Meeting Recap, but rather Secretary Jerry Gaines will “cut and paste” only those relevant to South Shores.
  5. Richard Scandaliato to investigate property owners of vacant home on two houses off corner of Vallecito Dr. on Mantis.  This home is unoccupied, in disarray and potential target for Squatters.  Homeowner must give permission before Sidewalk Brigade can address issue.

Adjourned at 8:15 p.m.  Next meeting August 16, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. via ZOOM

Jerry Gaines, Secretary