Minutes of June 21, 2022

Call to Order:  President Richard Scandaliato called the meeting (via ZOOM) to order at 7:30 p.m.

Board Members in Attendance: Dave Billings, Vern Hall, Joyce Hall, John Lang, Gordon Thomas, Jerry Gaines, Richard Welsh , Richard Scandaliato.  Absent: August Caimi and Lori Terzoli   Guest:  Bob Genest

Secretary’s Report:   No changes to minutes. Prior minutes were approved.

Status of 501(C) 4:  Dave Billings reported that all requirements were submitted with IRS and The California Secretary of State. A fee of $600 was sent to the IRS and $20 to the Secretary of State. Awaiting verification from them.

Treasurer’s Report:  Richard Scandaliato reported $4,119 in checking account and $8,542 in the CD.   

Membership Committee:  Vern Hall provided a detailed report and spoke on the status of current membership efforts, totals, and strategy for further membership recruitment activities. Much discussion followed under new business. Current membership is st 314  Income realized to date is $4,000 (67% of goal for 2022).

Web Report:  Jeniffer McMullen provided a detailed Website Report for May 2022. She noted new members and visits to the SSCA website via email.  There are currently 583 subscribers in our Mailchimp account.

Annual Reception:  Per Rich Scandaliato and Richard Welsh, SSCA is in the process of obtaining the Elks club for the venue next September..

Open Business:

Anita Mannila spoke on the Sociables program where 18 residents have gathered to meet recently. The next meeting for interested residents is planned for June 30. Discussion focused on the participation of non-residents.

Gordon Thomas spoke on the Sidewalk Brigade where defined clean-up is done within the local neighborhoods. The next event is scheduled for Saturday, June 25. Recommended waivers be signed by participants.

New Business:

  1. SSCA efforts continue to pursue a safe and secure Royal Palms. Much more communication needed between the county and city on accountability. The Lomita Sheriff commander showing willingness to assist on the issue. Next meeting set for June 23 with local officials.
  • Membership Outreach efforts include posting membership posters in key areas of the neighborhood. Promotion of the upcoming Summer Social event for members should be part of outreach activities.
  • Rental signage issue addressing owner on oversize signs against Zoning Code.  Working with owner.
  • Western Ave. Landscaping issue under discussion with CD 15 Candidate Tim McOsker.
  • SSCA Directors and Officers Liability Risk Exposure—Detailed discussion leading to further research on the level of risk facing SSCA when sponsoring public events.  More study to follow.
  • Code Regulations for Oversize recreation vehicles parking in driveways.  – Discussion focused on advising neighbors to first network with owners on the issue.  If necessary, referral can be made by impacted residents to the City Building and Safety Department associated with zoning code violations.
  • Safety Reflectors on Western Ave./Paseo del Mar curve. Contact will be made to LADOT to repair and add safety reflectors to the barrier installed along the curve to alert drivers.

Adjourned at 8:55 p.m.  Next meeting is July 19, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. via ZOOM

Jerry Gaines, Secretary

Additional meeting minutes can be found on our Agendas & Minutes page.