Bob Genest has created the following CyberWatch crime report for South Shore Residents. If you would like to join CyberWatch, please fill out our contact form on our CyberWatch page.

CYBERWATCH CRIME UPDATE – 4TH QUARTER 2021 (October 1 through December 31, 2021).
As in the past, this quarterly CyberWatch Crime Report for South Shores is a summary of all police reports filed with the LAPD Harbor Division. Not all crimes are reported to the police, especially vehicle break-ins where the thefts tend to be smaller ones. It benefits South Shores to file a police report for all thefts. The more police reports received by Harbor LAPD from a given neighborhood, the more regular patrols will be assigned to that area.

November 7:  1700 block of Vallecito Drive – 8:30 p.m.
December 8:  2200 block of W. Paseo del Mar – 3:10 a.m.

October 19:  1600 block of W. 22nd St. – 12:30 p.m. – Grand theft ($950.01 and up).
October 20:  2500 block of Bowfin Ave.  – 2:00 p.m. – Grand theft.
October 26: 2200 block of Paseo del Mar – 5:00 p.m. – Attempted motor vehicle theft. 
December 17: 1800 block of Vallecito Drive -7:45 p.m. – Petty larceny ($950 and under). 

December 10:  25th St. and Western Ave. parking lot – 10:00 a.m.
December 29:  1900 block of Palacios Drive – 4:40 p.m.


BURGLARIES – 4.  (Two in January and Two in December).

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY – 1 (One in May at Bogdanovich Park Office).

STOLEN VEHICLES – 3 (one each in March on Vallecito and Amirante; one in July on Anabas).

STOLEN BICYCLE – 1  (Cumbre Drive)

GRAND THEFTS – 3 ($950.01 and more). 

PETTY THEFTS – 3   ($950.00 and less).

THEFTS FROM PERSON – 1 (Last April on Moray and Western at 7-11).

VEHICLE BREAK-IN THEFTS – 14  (Four on 25th St, two on 37th St, and one each on 22nd, Mantis, Grenadier, Gurnard, Paseo del Mar, 20th, Baleria and Palacios). 

South Shores continues to be one of the lowest crime communities in the entire South Bay. We have benefited from:

  • More CyberWatch members. CyberWatch now consists of 608 residents of South Shores – all seeing something and saying something. Do you have a neighbor who is not yet a CyberWatch member? We can use all the vigilant eyes we can muster. Please share with them the CyberWatch description and membership form. As always, membership is free(!). 
  • Technological advances. More choices, lower prices and improved quality in camera surveillance equipment like Ring Doorbell, SimpliSafe, and Nest systems. They’re easier to install than ever. These products are all in addition to over 20% of South Shores homes subscribing to ADT, Peninsula Security and similar alarm company’s systems.  
  • Private security patrol. Some residents, recently growing in number, have even chosen to hire a private security patrol for their homes. Called, this local operator is based in Torrance. Secure America‘s current rate for service is $60 per month per household. The owner, Bob Fuster, is always available to answer questions about the service. Feedback from South Shores residents using this service has been consistently positive.
  • Senior Lead Officer Melody Shortle. Our long time SLO Paul Winter has been on medical leave for some time and has just retired. We thank Paul for working hand-in-glove with CyberWatch for several years. Subbing for Paul in her Acting SLO capacity, Officer Melody Shortle has been an effective partner with CyberWatch for the past two years. We thank her for her responsive service and look forward to our continuing alliance with her and LAPD’s Harbor Division.
  • A shift in crime pattern. With more people at home these days because of COVID-19 and its variants, there’s been a reduction in home burglaries compared to pre-COVID-19 years. However, the bad guys are still out there and they want our stuff more than ever. This has resulted in an uptick in vehicle break-ins and catalytic converter thefts. The numbers you see in this report are just the “tip of the iceberg” because, for a variety of reasons, many of these break-ins are not reported to the Harbor LAPD.

Many thanks to all the “CyberWatchers” who have done their part to keep South Shores in safe harbor during 2021. We look forward to more eyes and ears helping protect us in 2022!

Stay safe. Observe. Report.