Greetings Neighbors,

One of the many unfortunate events brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic is that we were unable to hold in-person Health & Wellness Presentations. Because of the importance and popularity of the subject matter, your SSCA board has decided to post helpful videos on the website for your convenience.

Starting with this informational presentation regarding “Emergency preparedness” we will be finding topics that our SSCA can link into. We can now have a designated library of informational topics that the residences can access.

This first Educational presentation was produced by Andrew Grundig with LAFD CERT, Battalion 6. It has some terrific video’s on fire awareness in the home and what to do when you must act to save life and home.

The fire extinguisher videos are vital, all homes need them and how to use one, also the PICTOGRAPH link is fantastic. Every resident has access to be schooled in emergency situations that happen daily.

We encourage SSCA members and residences to connect with our Health & Wellness library. Your SSCA Board members want to hear from those that take the time to expand on their knowledge and encourage those that can send topics to us to research and so we can have more educational presentations to share with our community, friends and neighbors.

Any questions: Ed Storti 310-547-5704 or Gordon Thomas 310-989-7442