tick-tock,  tick-tock, tick-tock

Time is running out, ALL the BIG events have come and gone, but the SSCA Membership drive is still open through June 30 2019.  Obviously, members are always welcome, no member is ever shut out. Just that with limited volunteer help, it’s difficult and time consuming to remain on a treadmill for an entire year.   

Even volunteers need a break!

The Annual SSCA Reception 05/19/19:

Turnout was outstanding. There were in excess of 120 attendees, all of whom expressed the same opinion this was the “best ever”.  That would be my assessment as well.

Richard Welch (Social Chair) did an outstanding job in arranging the venue (home of Lisa Jimenez), outstanding food catered by Juan Great Fiesta, and the band, The Rumble.  Lisa’s graciousness in opening her home to neighbors, friends and strangers deserves special recognition for this extraordinary sign of volunteerism.     

Vern and Joyce Hall signing up new members; as well as combining their efforts with that of Jeniffer McMullen (web master) in driving Mailchimp reminders to our membership are deserving of recognition.  Gordon Thomas along with Vern Hall designed the appropriate “SPRING FLOWERS” theme invitations.  

SLO Officer Paul Winter was extremely generous with his time, presentation, and social interchange, meeting just about everyone at the reception with engaging and knowledgeable conversation.  Bob Genest provided a CyberWatch update and the threat of “squatters” in the South Shores community as well.

Door prizes were aplenty, provided by your neighbors Terry Katnic (Ace Hardware) and John De Girolamo (Johnny’s Auto Clinic), Anita Mannila (22nd Street Landing), and many more.  

The next Health & Wellness Symposium is scheduled for Saturday, July 20 topic Nutrition, again under the guidance of Ed Storti.     

The Welcome Wagon effort continues and responses have been exciting with new members providing some unique ideas for the future.