Purpose – The following is the fourth monthly briefing update keeping our membership informed.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 23rd for the next in a series of Health & Wellness symposiums.  This second in a series of Health & Wellness symposiums will be held Saturday June 23rd at Little Sisters of the Poor; topic Hypertension.  A topic for ALL age groups!

Ongoing News – The annual walkaround and follow-up phone calls seeking membership renewal and new members is now underway.  The conclusion of current drive is set for end of June 23rd.  So please be polite to those assisting in this endeavor.

Welcome Wagon –  The “kick-off” is scheduled to get under way within the next 30 days.  The “PLAN” is to coincide with a strong membership drive Walk Around.  The “kick-off” is scheduled to begin the weekend of 4/21 thru 05/23.  Again, these are your neighbors helping. Therefore, we appreciate your patience and being polite.

Update News – No new news in the matter of “Sheriff’s deputy dropping off homeless in South Shores”. We are hopeful that Councilman Englander, Chair of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, will schedule the item for a meeting this month or early next month before the Council goes into summer recess.

The Western Avenue median trees will be replaced with a species that is much more suited for the coastal region and can handle being in a median on a heavily trafficked thoroughfare. Councilman Buscaino’s office is working with the Los Angeles Conservation Corps to make this happen as soon as possible.

Sad Note –  Mr. Steve Bilbrough, one of our SSCA members and original designer of the SSCA logo has passed.  Our hearts and condolences go out to Steve’s wife, Rose.

Disappointment – The Postal System has rejected our call for restitution for their mailing blunder of the Viewpoint.

The call for volunteers is still in the air.  Many tasks still require assistance and HELP!


Richard Scandialato signature

Rich F. Scandaliato, President SSCA