Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions for the South Shores Neighborhood

During the early South Shores development period of the late 1950’s and the early 1960’s, developers established specific covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC & R’s) on specific tracts of homes in the area. Several tracts were established in both lower and upper South Shores. Most of the tracts had CC & R language that required the homeowners to vote to renew them at the end of ten years for another ten-year period. The majority of these tracts regulations (all in upper South Shores) were not renewed by the property owners involved so these CC & R’s expired.

However, there are four tracts (click for a map174001906319457, and 22374 map 1 & 22374 map 2) that have language that states that these CC & R’s automatically are renewed for another ten years, unless 75% of the residents in each of these respective tracts vote to discontinue them. Tract 19063 covers residential property in eastern upper South Shores (Moray to Western Ave. between Cumbre and 25th St. The other three tracts make up almost all of lower South Shores below 25th St. to the ocean and west of Western Avenue to the Los Angeles city boundary.

Originally the developer administered these four tracts’ CC & R process. In the mid 1960’s the then-named South Shores Homeowners Association voted to take over the administration of them from the developer. Given the tracts identified have been built out and few owners living in the them have sought interest to support or continue engagement with SSCA on facilitating these regulations, the Board of Directors has dissolved its Architectural Committee  and will no longer administer them [in 2020].

Over the years, residents seeking improvements were asked to meet with their adjacent neighbors on proposals. In mitigation disputes, owners were encouraged to resolve them. The advice given to owners by a three-member SSCA Architectural Committee was to note that it had at best only the ability to offer a friend of the court statement, after owners made efforts to come to a resolution. Property disputes are equity matters between them.